Welcome to Radiology Consultants of Rockford. Our 10 physician, multi-specialty radiology practice services the Swedish American healthcare system in Rockford, Illinois, part of the University of Wisconsin Health network. Our practice is a true group approach with member physicians bringing together multiple areas of sub-specialty training to provide leading-edge diagnostic and therapeutic radiology services to patients and referring physicians. With over 150 years of practice experience collectively, the goal of our team is to deliver the best patient care and referring physician support possible.

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Technology & Procedures

Medical imaging is a fundamental part of modern patient care. Modern technologies allow radiologists to detect potentially curable malignancies before they become too advanced using CT and mammography. Cancer staging used for treatment planning has become much more sophisticated in recent years with the use of PET scans. Also, interventional radiologists are experts at nonsurgical diagnosis of both malignant and nonmalignant diseases. Cancer treatment is also becoming a greater part of our radiology practice. Read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Radiology is a very dynamic and far reaching part of modern medical practice. Even experienced surgeons and primary care physicians at times have questions about what exam to order and what is involved. If you are patient, things can be even more confusing. Explore some of our most commonly asked questions and find links to sources of further explanation. Read more here.

Billing Questions

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